2EXIM Presence in International Exhibition of Iraq-Baghdad-2016

2EXIM Presence in International Exhibition of Iraq-Baghdad-2016

2EXIM Purposes of Participation in Baghdad Exhibition:


-      Participating in the Iraqi market as one of the largest non-oil product customers in Iran

-      Introducing products of the Iranian members of the Website through teasers, brochures, website, etc.

-      Introducing 2EXIM as the most appropriate shortcut to Iranian products

-      Negotiating with the Iraqi traders and merchants and representing the Iranian products

-      Negotiating with the members of Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce

-      Introducing 2EXIM and the Iranian products to trade unions and commercial agents in Iraq

-         This exhibition, which was exclusively dedicated to Iranian products representation, was held on February16-19, 2016 in Baghdad-Iraq and was warmly welcomed by the Iraqi merchants. 2EXIM, representor of products as Kavian faucets, Kiazaran saffron, Machine Toyour machineries, CARIRAN industrial machineries, Kohan pipes and fittings, Bojeneh detergents, Pars Kandoo honey, etc., has played a significant role in representing Iranian products in this exhibition and was warmly welcomed by the Iraqi merchants and the following News Agencies: SALAM, ASIA, YAGHIN, SKY ART. Dr. Afkhami, director of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, visited the exhibition. He expressed his satisfaction of 2EXIM activities and announced his support of this system. Mr. Nematzadeh, Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade, was another visitors of the exhibition. 2EXIM activities was warmly welcomed on his side and he introduced it to the trade ministry of Iraq. Dr. Danaiefar, ambassador of Iran in Iraq, visited the exhibition and expressed his satisfaction of 2exim activities. He asked his assistant to introduce 2EXIM and its field of activities to the Iraqi traders, who were looking for a system similar to 2EXIM. 2EXIM is working with 16 professional staff and Dr. Danaiefar, following his interest on 2EXIM and its activities, introduced himself as the 17th supporter of 2EXIM.

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