2EXIM Presence in Iran’s Exclusive Exhibition (Moscow- Russia)

2EXIM Presence in Moscow Exhibition

International Exhibitions, as the connecting bridge among the businessmen, experts, industrialists, and the researchers from different parts of the word, are not only for presenting the companies’ products and negotiating over them but also for giving information on competitive prices, the last qualitative Standards, and the latest global industrial advances and scientific achievements. Iran effort for taking part in industrial fields, has provided the ground for this country to be considered among the developing countries.  But standing on the highest place requires more effort. Taking part in foreign exhibitions, which provides the negotiation ground for the buyers and the suppliers, is considered as one of the most appropriate ways to such goals. Iran’s exclusive exhibition of Iranian top products in Russia held from May 12_ 14, 2017 and 10 of the top Iranian manufacturers took part and presented their products. 2EXIM, as a representative of a large number of Iranian top companies, presented their products in Russian. In this exhibition, 2EXIM booth, was warmly welcomed by the visitors, Iranian and Russian businessmen. Mr. Khosrotaj, Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Agriculture, visited the 2EXIM booth on the 2nd day of the exhibition and his satisfaction of implementing such system, promising that good days are coming. On the final day, Russian premier of Iran-Russia mutual trading committee and the premier of Dagestan traders, visited 2EXIM and negotiated on introducing Iranian top manufacturers; especially food products manufacturers, in their region. These people visited the 2EXIM Office in Tehran in late May and had a meeting on how to work with 2EXIM. The Russian committee was formed in Moscow after Vladimir Putin's visit to Tehran, and the Iranian committee was scheduled to be formed later this month. Russian premier of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) expressed his satisfaction of cooperation with 2EXIM Company and asked 2EXIM, in the form of a formal cooperation agreement, to present as a communication channel for Russian and Iranian merchants.

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