2EXIM Presence in Iran Exclusive Exhibition in Oman

2EXIM Presence in the 3rd Exclusive Exhibition of Iran in Oman

This exhibition was held in Oman new exhibition center, in Muscat. Mr. Nematzadeh, Iran Ministry of Mine and Industry, and also Oman Ministry of Mine and Industry were present in its opening. Dr. Esfahbodi, director of Iran International Exhibition Co., visited the exhibition and gave a speech in the B2B meeting. For meeting its mission, 2EXIM took part in that exhibition and by distributing its 4th journal of the Top products of Iran along with a CD and participating in B2B meetings held on that exhibition, tried its best to represent Iranian products which was warmly welcomed by the exhibition organizers and the visitors. 

Appreciation of Iranian Authorities of 2EXIM Presentation in the Exhibition

Mr. Esfahbodi, director of Iran International Exhibition Co., visited Iran Exclusive Exhibition in Oman and appreciated 2EXIM for representing Iranian products and asked for continuing this precious activity in domestic and foreign exhibitions. According to Mr. Nematzadeh, Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade, the main goal of this exhibition is to introduce Iran manufacturing capabilities to the Omani people. So far, arrangements have been made to increase trade ties between Tehran and Muscat, but the remaining major problem with Omani traders was banking, which has been resolved over negotiations during that trip. “Ali Alsanaidi”, Oman Ministry of Trade and Industry, asserted that due to the development and completion of transportation infrastructure as well as visa issuance facilitation for the businessmen of both countries, the volume of Iran-Oman trading relations has doubled compared to last year. Participation of the Iranian and Omani traders in B2B meeting provided the ground for familiarity of the Iranian companies and factories with the Omani market. 2EXIM, by presenting the Iranian Top products and providing investment opportunities by taking advantage of Journal and CD, played an important role in this case.

Iran-Oman Ties

Oman is safe in investment and its rank in business environment is 48. This is while Turkey's rank is 69, Kuwait 104, and Pakistan 110. Inflation rate in Oman is below 3%, and the rate of bank facility in that country is low. Oman is a good market for Iranian products, and it can also act as a bridge to give access to the markets that have cut off their relationship with Iran for political issues.

Oman-African Countries’ ties has a long history. Omani merchants have smooth the way for having access to the African markets. Special agreements have been signed between Oman and the United States and also between Oman and Singapore, according to which tariffs between Oman and these countries are zero. In this case, Oman can act as a bridge for entering cheaper goods into these two countries and for exporting Iranian products to these countries.


On the other hand, Omani and Iranian merchants can expand the relationship between Oman and CIS countries, which will increase Iran' share in transit and trade relations. Iranian businessmen need a safe foothold in other countries. In most neighboring countries, it is impossible or very difficult to register a foreign company.


In Oman, The average import tariff rate for all goods is 5.5%, agricultural products is 7.4%, and non-agricultural goods is 10.6%. Some goods, such as live animals, meat products except pork, rice, wheat, corn meal, fresh fruit and tea are exempt from duty.

The volume of trade between Iran and the monarchy of Oman in 2010 was more than $ 500 million, from which Iran's exports to Oman was $ 116.7 million, while Oman exports to Iran was $ 446.2 million. The balance of trade between the two countries has often been in favor of the Omani side over the past few years.

Major export of Iran to Oman are as follows: Variety of vegetables, raw copper, bitumen and asphalt, rebar, food products, cement, and clinker. Oman supplies over 90% of its required food products from abroad. High quality of Iranian food products and the high interest of the Omani people towards Iranian people and its manufacturing products, and the products reasonable price in comparison with the similar samples, have provided the ground for having more export from Iran to Oman.

Major export of Oman to Iran are as follows: Variety of conventional cars and tourist cars, perfume, cosmetics, clothes, and variety of other goods. Economic benefits in Oman, which are considered by economic planners, is rest in the expansion of tourism and fishing industry. Also due to the decrease in oil reservoirs, Oman has implemented the strategic plan of reservoirs with a capacity of 200 million barrels.

In Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry, Oman has a long history, and construction of Iran's gas pipelines for export to Oman can play a beneficial role in developing the food supply industry. Also, in the field of renewable energies, Oman has supportive programs that seeks to develop it on the basis of global knowledge. In addition, Oman special geographic location has provided the ground for its maritime relationship with East Africa, Far East, and Central Asia through Iran and the Middle East. Oman membership in WTO (World Trade Organization) and signing a free trade agreement with zero tariffs with the US, Singapore and Australia will double Oman's benefits for foreign investmentIran can consider Oman as its target country for re exporting its products.

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