2EXIM Presence in Iran Exclusive Exhibition in Yerevan-Armenia

2EXIM Presence in Armenia Exhibition

2EXIM participated in Urasia Expo 2016 Exhibition on September 16-18 held in Yerevan, Capital of Armenia, with presence of Iran, Armenia, Russia, China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.

Some of the Company’s Achievements in Urasia Expo 2016

 This exhibition was warmly welcomed by the visitors from Armenia, Russia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. During the exhibition, we saw the unparalleled welcome of the visitors and trade leaders of Iran and a number of merchants from neighboring countries from the 2EXIM booth.


Meanwhile, Mr. Avetisyan, the Economic Adviser of Iran, visited the 2EXIM's booth. On the sidelines of the exhibition, some conferences were also held on how to deal with customs laws in the Eurasian Economic Area, to launch financial and credit cooperation with the Eurasian Development Bank, and investment and production opportunities in the Eurasia.


1) Representing the top Iranian registered companies in 2EXIM’s 3rd Journal of Iranian TOP products in English and Russian

2) Representing the latest industrial achievements in the countries of Eurasia and the Islamic Republic of Iran

3) Introducing Commercial and Strategic Services of Iranian Consulting and Trading Companies to Eurasian Countries

4) Representing capabilities of private sectors of Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan in the context of sustainable business development with the Islamic Republic of Iran

5) Establishing a strong trading and cooperating zone between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Eastern European region

6) Holding a meeting with Iran-Armenia Friendship Association. 2EXIM, after representing the top Iranian registered companies in its 3rd Journal of Iranian TOP products in English and Russian and conducting compromise and negotiation with the merchants, accomplished its mission in this exhibition.

7) 2EXIM, with its participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions and by following its mission i.e. representing Iranian products in global markets, is hoping for enhancing satisfaction of the manufacturers, suppliers and owners of Iranian industries in the next few years.

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