2EXIM Journal; Representative of Iranian Products in International Exhibitions

Have You Ever Thought about Selling Your Products in the Neighboring Countries?

While the neighboring countries are struggling with sectarianism and are losing the opportunities of economic growth, a great opportunity has been provided for the Iranian manufacturers to supply their required goods. For selling products, it should be introduced as the first step. Participation in international exhibitions is considered as one of the most effective ways. Providing the traders with catalogue, brochures, flyers, and sending invitation cards for them through the countries’ Chamber of Commerce all are considered as effective items in introducing the products. But doing so in the country will be very costly.

But 2EXIM Has a Simple Method!!!

With extensive online advertising, participating in exhibitions on your behalf, publishing journals and doing all that matters in the country in question, 2exim has reduced costs to less than 10%. B2B Websites professionality is in introducing the international buyers and suppliers to each other in cyberspaces. 2exim.com aims at globalizing Iranian products. For reaching this goal, 2EXIM has stepped forward and by participating in international exhibitions has provided the ground for the foreign traders to get to know the Iranian products by taking advantage of 2EXIM experts. By analyzing the available international purchase requests, we can be aware of the most appropriate countries and the exhibitions for presenting Iranian products. In this way, by participating in various exhibitions, we take steps in introducing Iranian manufacturing products and services internationally. By presenting your products in a published journal, i.e., the Journal of Iranian Top Products, and distributing it in the exhibitions, your product information is available to foreign merchants and can be saved and retrieved.These journals are published in two groups of 1. Specialized products (In a specific category) for distributing in foreign specialized exhibitions and 2. Iranian products (In different categories) for distributing in the exhibitions held specifically for the Iranian products. 2000 number of copies have been printed and distributed in each exhibition. A full page with colored pictures is assigned to each company. The company products and services will be introduced in 2 languages (The basic language is English and the second one will depend on the country the exhibition will be held in). For example, while the exhibition is held in the “Russian” countries, the second language would be Russian and in Arabic countries, it would be “Arabic”. Each page is in 297 x 210 mm A4 and includes the following information: Company address, Telephone, fax, Website, and email. Until now, we have succeeded in publishing 7000 copies of these journals (In Russian, Arabic, English, and Persian), in 3 different titles, and distributing them in exhibitions specific to Iranian products held in Iraq, Oman, Russia, and the international exhibition of Armenia. We are honored to have you in our journal and present you in different exhibitions with no need to your preregistration. We provide the visitors with the required information regarding your products and services.